He Knows What He’s Doing by Jason Crabb

At Churches of the USA we are all about helping people find their way to church, which ultimately is about finding their way to a closer relationship with Christ. One of the ways many people find their way to Christ is through music. We are so fortunate that the quality of today’s Christian music is excellent. I have heard many people tell me about listening to Christian radio in the car because they just don’t want to hear what is playing on mainstream radio. Many people have become Christians from listening to Christian radio!

We thought it would be great to feature a song of the week here on Churches of the USA to help people who are searching for the truth, searching for a church, or just perusing our site, to find inspiring songs that we think they will love!

I recently was at the Christian Music Broadcasters annual ‘Momentum’ conference and was able to see fellow Kentuckian Jason Crabb sing ‘He Knows What He’s Doing’ live. His one song set was incredibly moving. Jason has a rich voice and this beautiful song reminds us that no matter our situation, God has a plan and we have to put our trust in Him.

Jason’s new album ‘Whatever the Road’ can be picked up (previewed too) on iTunes here.


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